About Us 

Early in the web browser history of the Internet, HorseWorldData.com (HWD) established this site by choosing a number of categories in which horse endeavors could list their enterprises at no charge. Since that time, surfers using search engines for information on such categories as Horse Vacations, Horse Publications, Horse Breeds, Horse Museums, Horse Schools, Horse Merchandise and Horse Organizations have seen HorseWorldData.com prominently displayed.

HWD believes that the Internet should provide a means for an endeavor to display its contact information at no cost. Consequently, HWD allows a free listing to any horse related entity which HWD determines, at its sole discretion, to fit into one or more of its numerous categories.

HWD also believes that Internet advertising should be inexpensive so that small and new enterprises can take advantage of worldwide exposure. HWD is divided into eight sections. They are "Breeds", "Publications", "Racing", "Schools & Libraries", "Sports/Events", "Vacations", "Organizations" & "Merchandise". HWD offers advertising on all pages of any one of these sections for $200 per year.

We also offer advertising on all pages of a section plus on the HorseWorldData.com home page for $300 per year.

HorseWorldData.com is physically located in Kentucky. We are committed to enhancing Kentucky’s image of embracing the horse. To this end, we would be interested in partnering with a Kentucky enterprise with the same goals. We would regard an institution with horse related and computer expertise to be the ideal partner. Such a Kentucky entity would recognize the exposure that HWD now has on the web and visualize the myriad of enhancements to the site that would take advantage of that exposure and use it to benefit Kentucky and its reputation for loving horses.